—   Understand your needs fully

We want to fully understand your needs before implementing your project, so our first step is to analyze and outline the basic functionality of the app.  If it needs custom integrations, we help with that too!  We can integrate into modern cloud technologies, as well as legacy apps through custom integrations.

UI /UX Design

—   Design wireframe

Once we have a clear idea of your software requirements, we then aim to design the best solution. We build the wireframe using design tools such as Adobe's tools, Figma and others. By this wireframe, we can make sure our design parallels your goals.

Develop and Test

—   Build multi-platform apps from one codebase

We build the multi-platform apps such as Android, iOS, Web Browser, and Desktop app from one codebase. It saves money and developing time.

—   Test

Using the automated build processes, we can ensure product quality, ensure the quality of the software by running tests, detect coding issues, and enforce certain development rules prior to deployment. In addition, we are regularly document the code to making it easy to understand today or years from now.


—   Deploy web site
—   Deploy mobile app to Google/Apple/Amazon App Store

From the client perspective, the project really begins with deployment of their custom software; possibly the most important aspect of the whole process. We help you setup the cloud environment and get the app approved through the app stores.

We can streamline your deployment process through Continuous Delivery. Although it is not for every organization, we implement it when appropriate in order to automate deployment to test or production servers.